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The Message of the President, Indian Aerobiological Society


Founded in 1980 at Bose Institute, Kolkata during an International Workshop on Aerobiology attended by a host of international luminaries and Indian stalwarts like (Late) Prof Sunirmal Chanda, Prof S. T. Tilak, Prof C. Subba Reddi and several others, Indian Aerobiological Society ( IAS ) has made a progressive and steady journey of over four decades. Currently, it has around 500 active Life Members and several benefactors contributing significantly to diverse areas of aerobiology at national and international levels. IAS is affiliated to International Association for Aerobiology ( IAA ),and several IAS members have been attending IAA Conferences, and have earned a good reputation and recognition.

IAS started publishing Indian Journal of Aerobiology since 1988 as a biennial publication venture. On account of the dedicated efforts of the current Chief Editor Prof Swati Gupta Bhattacharya, it has made several landmark developments. An active dynamic website ( ) of IAS with every updated information and uploaded volumes of the Journal could be possible due to her sincere efforts and undaunted spirit of working. The active website and regularity of publication of the Ind. J. Aerobiol could lead to its inclusion in the UGC - CARE list of Journals.

I, on behalf of the current office bearers of IAS and all of its Life Members as well as on my personal behalf, express my sincere thanks and indebtedness to Prof Swati Gupta Bhattacharya, Chief Editor of the Ind. J. Aerobiol. for her constant and unflinching support towards maintaining a brilliant website of IAS and regularity of journal's publication. I do acknowledge her editorial excellence and sustainability amidst diverse constraints.

With regards.

Prof Mahesh Roy
President, Indian Aerobiological Society
Formerly Head, Department of Botany ( P. G. Centre )
R. N. College, Hajipur ( Vaishali )
[ B. R. A. Bihar University ]