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Author’s Guidelines

INDIAN JOURNAL OF AEROBIOLOGY is an official PUBLICATION OF Indian Aerobiological Society. This journal considers original articles, short communications, letters to the editor, and review articles/books in the field of Aerobiology, Allergology, Palynology, Biochemistry, Geology, Climatology, Biopollution and allied subjects, for publication.

Contributors must send three copies of the text (ward file), tables (Word file) and figures (maximum 6 figs in JEPG) etc. along with a floppy disc and they should retain one copy of the manuscript with them as the editor does not accept any responsibility for damage or loss of the manuscript submitted. Manuscript should be type written(double space) on one side of the paper only and a separate sheet should bear the title of the paper, author(s) name, institutional address where the work was done and corresponding author.

Manuscripts are evaluated critically by the member(s) of the editorial board personally or by outside experts chosen by the members. Although manuscripts received will be sent to referee for comments, the decision of the editor will be final. Acceptance of manuscripts for publication is based on: (a) originality of the contribution; (b) proper analysis of the scientific data; (c) clarity of presentation; and (d) ethically acceptable design of the study. Papers are accepted on the understanding that no substantial part of the work has been or will be published elsewhere and once they have been accepted, they become the copyright of the journal.

Authors should submit manuscripts to :

Dr. Swati Gupta Bhattacharya
Indian Journal of Aerobiology
Senior Professor and former Head, Division of Plant Biology
Bose Institute (Main Campus)
93/1 Acharya P.C. Road
     Kolkata-700009, West Bengal, India
+91 94332 70725
91-33-2350-6790 /

The paper should generally be divided into the following heads and the order indicated.


  1. Summary : About 3% of the length of the paper but not exceeding 250 words.
  2. Introduction : Should emphasize the reasons for undertaking the study and must be brief.
  3. Materials and Methods : The methods used in the study should be described giving sufficient information to enable the work to be repeated. If an accepted technique has been used or with slight modification, only the reference should be cited mentioning the modification adopted.
  4. Results : This should be concise and the results compiled in tables and figures should not be repeated in the text.
  5. Discussion : This should highlight the findings of the results in the light of the relevant literature and should not merely be repetition of results.
  6. Acknowledgment : This should include financial support also.
  7. Reference : References in the text should appear as numbers or they may follow author’s names in the text if necessary. The reference should be typed on a separate page after the text in numerical order in which they appeared in the text and not in a alphabetical order. The full title of the paper should be given with first and last page numbers. The journal should be abbreviated according to the system adopted by “World list of periodicals”. An abstract should be cited only when it is the only source of information.
    Example :
    Journal : Sircar, G., Chakraborty, H.S., Saha, B. & Gupta Bhattacharya, S. 2012. Identification of aeroallergens from Rhizopus oryzae: an immunoproteomic approach . Journal of Proteomics 77:455-468
    Books : Lewis, W.H., Vinay, P. & Zenger, V.E. 1983. Airborne and Allergenic Pollen of North America – 254pp. John Hopkins University Press, Baltimore, U.S.A. Erickson, E.H. & Buchmann, S.L. 1983. Electronics and pollution – In Handbook of Experimental Pollination Biology (Eds. C.E. Johns & R.P. Little), pp 173 van Noestrand Reinhold, New York, U.S.A.
  8. Illustraions : These should be labelled with the figure number and authors name with pencil on the back and the direction identified with arrow. Photograph should be glossy prints of good contrast, suitable for reproduction. The exact magnification of the microphotographs should be given. Captions and legends to figures should be self explanatory and should provide enough information without reference to the text. Their position in the text should also be indicated. All legends should be typed in double space on separate sheets in numerical order.
  9. Tables : Each table should be typed on separate sheet in Arabic numerals and should be compact. Approximate position of each table in the text should be indicated.
    Page Proofs : Page proofs will be submitted to the contributors for minor corrections and should be returned to the Editor with in 48 hours. Major alterations from the text cannot be accepted.
    Book Reviews : Books submitted for reviews in the journal must be sent in duplicate to the Editor. One copy will be retained in the Library of the Society while the other copy will be retained by the Reviewer for his personal use.
  10. Reprints : No reprints will be supplied free of cost.