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Awards, Oration, Memorial Lectures

Prof. P.H. Gregory Award

Prof.P.H. Gregory was an outstanding scientist who carried our several monumental works in understanding airborne microbes more on modern scientific basis. Many of the Indian aerobiologists like Prof. T. Sreeramulu, Prof. S.T. Tilak, Prof. B.P.R. Vittal were fortunate to imbibe training directly under Prof. Gregory. Hence to pay homage to Prof. Gregory Indian Aerobiological Society had unanimously decided to institute Prof. P.H. Gregory Award for three best oral presentation by young scientists below 35 years of age to encourage their research works. This award was instituted in the 4th National Conference of Indian Aerobiological Society(IAS) in 1986 at Magadh University, Bodh Gaya at the initiative of Prof. K.B. Mishra (Magadh University), the Organising Secretary of the Conference. The first recipients of 1st. 2nd and 3rd prizes of Prof. P.H. Gregory Award of the 4th National Conference of Indian Aerobiological Society were Dr. A.H. Rajasab (Gulberga University), Dr. Swati Gupta Bhattacharya (Bose Institute) and Dr. Anupam Sinha (Magadh University). Since then three young researchers have been awarded Prof.P.H. Gregory Award with a medal and a certificate in every National Conference of IAS.

Award ceremony of First P.H.Gregory Awards [From left Dr. Anupam Sinha, Dr. Swati Gupta Bhattacharya, Dr. A.H. Rajasab, Prof. K.B. Mishra, Vice –Chancellor of Magadh University and Prof. Sunirmal Chanda]

Prof. T. Sreeramulu Oration

Prof. T. Sreeramulu – an internationally reputed Indian aerobiologist – did his Ph.D under the guidance of Prof. P.H. Gregory at Rothamsted Experimental Station, Herts, England. He was one of the pioneer scientists in the field of aerobiology in relation to plant pathology in India. Indian Aerobiological Society unanimously decided to honour Prof. Sreeramulu by organising oration lecture by the eminent scientists in each Conference of IAS. In this context, Prof. S.N. Agashe, first Secretary – Treasurer of IAS, paid Rs. 25,000 to meet expense of oration lecture. The list of Prof. T. Sreeramulu Oration Lectures is as follows:

Prof. T. Seeramulu Oration Lecture Delivered by Scientists of Indian Aerobiological Society

Sl. No. Speakers Topic Conference Year Venue
1. Prof. S.T. Tilak Memoires of Aerobiologists 13th IAS 2005 Nagpur, Maharashtra
2. Prof. S. Chanda Evolutionary Aerobiology in India 14th IAS 2007 Raipur, Chhattisgarh
3. Prof. B.P.R. Vittal Airborne Fungi in indoor environment, A review 16th IAS 2010 Devangere, Karnataka
4. Prof. S.N. Agashe Introduction of certain Aeroallergens to Europe Through Hungary and India Through Pune 17th IAS 2012 Pune, Maharashtra
5. Prof. K.S. Ramachander Rao Alliance between Nanotechnology and Aerobiology: Implications and novel approaches 18th IAS 2015 Tumkur, Karnataka
6. Dr. S.B. Jogdand Aerobiology to Acarology 19th IAS 2016 Kolkata, West Bengal
7. Prof. Mahesh Roy Plant disease forecasting in India : Past, Present and Future 20th IAS 2018 Amravati, Maharashtra
8. Prof. A.A.Saoji Most devastating and hazardous weed of the world, Parthenium hysterophorus - an update. 21th IAS 2019 Santiniketan. West Bengal
9. Prof. A.H.Rajasab Biofuels - Sources of Alternate Renewable Energy. 22nd IAS 2022 Nanded, Maharashtra

Prof. Sunirmal Chanda Memorial

Prof. Sunirmal Chanda, an internationally acclaimed palynologist and aerobiologist, did his doctorate degree under Prof. F. Firbas of the University of Göttingen, Germany. Later, he worked in various aspects of palynology under Prof. G. Erdtman, Swedish Museum of Natural History, Stockholm and Knut Faegri, University of Bergen, Norway. Prof. Chanda was the Founder President of Indian Aerobiological Society and was also elected President of the International Association for Aerobiology for a term of five years (1985 – 1990) and presided over the 4th International Aerobiological Conference held in Stockholm in 1990.It was quite natural to honour Prof. S. Chanda by organising Memorial lecture in his memory. Prof.Sunirmal Chanda Memorial Lecture was instituted in the 18th National Conference of Indian Aerobiological Society in 2015 at Tumkur University, Karnataka at the sole initiative of Prof. A.H. Rajasab, the Vice-Chancellor of Tumkur University as well as Organiser of the Conference. In the 19th Conference of IAS, Prof.Kashinath Bhattacharya and Prof. Swati Gupta Bhattacharya (Ph.D students of Prof.Chanda) organised this memorial lecture. In the 20th Conference of IAS at Amravati University it was resolved that Prof. Kashinath Bhattacharya and Prof. Swati Gupta Bhattacharya will donate Rs. 25,000 to meet the expenses of Prof.Sunirmal Chanda Memorial lecture. The list of speakers of Prof. S. Chanda Memorial lecture is as follows:

Prof. Sunirmal Chanda Memorial Lecture Delivered by Scientists o Indian Aerobiological Society

Sl. No. Speakers Topic Conference Year Venue
1. Prof. S. Gupta Bhattacharya Allergen Biology in India 18th IAS 2015 Tumkur, Karnataka
2. Prof. A.H. Rajasab Trichoderma as Biocontrol Fungus: Biology, Ecology and Application 19th IAS 2016 Bose Institute, Kolkata
3. Prof. N.I. Singh Aerobiology in North East India 20th IAS 2018 Amravati, Maharashtra
4. Dr. S.B.Jogdand Innovative Aerobiology an Overview 21st IAS 2019 Santiniketan, West Bengal
5. Prof. Kashinath Bhattacharya Identification and Characterization of Pollen/Spore Allergens in India 22nd IAS 2022 Nanded, Maharashtra